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Paper w78-2003-213:
A generic inclusion of space strategies with activity execution patterns in 4D tools

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Mallasi Z, Dawood N

A generic inclusion of space strategies with activity execution patterns in 4D tools

Abstract: In this paper we describe construction generic space strategies that affect the development of realistic 4D space visualisations. The simple and dynamic approach has been implemented in the PECASO model to allow a new insight into a project’s space-time schedules. Our approach considers the activities execution patterns among the variables used for minimising space-time conflicts between site operations. The semantics of a construction activity execution patterns are illustrated in this work and they are: 1) progress of work direction, 2) execution of work direction, and 3) activity volume of work per week. The PECASO system applies a Simple Genetic Algorithm (SGA) to search for the most suitable execution pattern suitable for a construction activity. Among the included space strategies are the physical constraint such as activity-products Assembly Sequence Constraints (ASC) and the construction logic dependencies. The SGA has been proposed here to model the generic space strategies for the execution patterns. This research suggests that the definition of activity execution patterns semantics in 4D is an important element of interaction between site operations and could shape the site space usage in a different way. Other advantages are the benefits that can be generated from rehearsing different ‘what-if’ scenarios for coordinating site operations and to communicate the project plan in 4D. The paper presents an experimental execution patterns SGA runs with results, and shows how they are used to minimize space-time conflicts.



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