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Paper w78-2003-310:
A framework for a collaborative design review system utilizing the unreal tournament (UT) game development tool

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Shiratuddin M F, Thabet W

A framework for a collaborative design review system utilizing the unreal tournament (UT) game development tool

Abstract: During the pre-construction phase of a project, a design review process is used by the design team as a means to identify errors and inconsistencies in designs and make necessary changes. Due to the various involvements from many parties in a design team, a project's design is susceptible to such errors and inconsistencies. As a result, redesigns are common. Whether 2D drawings, 3D models or physical mockups are used, the pr ocess of redesign is iterative and time consuming. Design changes and modifications based on project team input are compiled, processed and re-input, and a new design is then generated. The benefits of using VR environments as a design review tool are very promising. Current VR applications, however, are mainly focused on interactive walkthrough and flythrough implementations only. In this research, we explore the capability of VR as a tool for modification and manipulation of the graphical and textual information in real-time. This will allow for performing design changes during walkthrough session and reviewing the results instantaneously among the design team. This paper proposes a framework for a real-time collaborative VR design review system. A prototype application is currently being developed using the Unreal Tournament (UT) 3D game engine.



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