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Paper w78-2003-393:
Works project information standards for the Hong Kong construction industry

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Tse T C, Wong K D, Wong K W

Works project information standards for the Hong Kong construction industry

Abstract: Construction projects generate stacks of information throughout the entire life span of a project and particularly at the design and construction stages. With the state-of-the-art information technology, most of the information can be stored electronically using various software systems. However, there is a wide diversity of information standards which adversely affect electronic data interchange and software interoperability among stakeholders in a seamless manner. To tackle these problems, the Works Bureau of the Hong Kong Government has decided to establish the Works Project Information Standards (WPIS) and associated data infrastructures. This paper aims to provide an overview of the current major standards which are being adopted, and accordingly recommend the future research direction for the Works Bureau. The findings, evolved from the conceptualisation of a framework, indicate that web-based open-source industry specify standards including aecXML, bcXML and ifcXML would be the suitable WPIS. More importantly, it is identified that there are certain networks and organisations at overseas which are engaged in similar research projects. The development of WPIS should keep abreast with their work and dissemination.



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