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Paper w78-2003-440:
Generalised model subset definition schema

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Weise M, Katranuschkov P, Scherer R J

Generalised model subset definition schema

Abstract: The idea of a shared product data repository that can be efficiently used in distributed concurrent engineering environments takes practical shape with the ripening of the IFC platform. However, structured methods for defining and deriving different partial model views that can easily be used by domain-specific applications are not yet available. This paper presents a generalised model subset definition schema (GMSD) which tackles many issues related to partial model retrieval and the use of domain-specific views. The schema, defined in EXPRESS for consistence with the IFC project model, contains two subparts: (1) constructs supporting the dynamic selection of object instances in model server queries, and (2) constructs enabling the development of view definitions that can be used as permanent part of a model server environment, to support the automated derivation of discipline-specific model subsets for architectural or structural design, facilities management etc. Discussed are the requirements that have governed the development of GMSD, its basic concepts, a prototype server/client implementation and first test-bed results. The latter indicate the great potential of the suggested structured approach for the definition of appropriate model subsets to improve the amount and quality of the exchanged data between actors and applications.



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