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Paper w78-2003-448:
VR modeling in built & environment - some experiences and directions in site operations

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Woksepp S, Tullberg O

VR modeling in built & environment - some experiences and directions in site operations

Abstract: In this paper, we will share our experiences of producing a Virtual Reality (VR) model of a large and complex building, and indicate some areas where this can be implemented in the normal planning and construction process. The approach will be applied in an actual project the building of a new hotel and office block in Gothenburg, Sweden. The relevance of the VR model created in this study was investigated and reported separately (Woksepp, 2002). The VR concept used in this study can briefly be described as: Firstly, a 3D model was created from traditional paper and 2D/3D CAD drawings. Then, the 3D model was imported into a rendering program where mapping coordinates, textures and additional objects were added. The complete model was then converted to a suitable VR format. Finally, the model was imported to a VR visualisation tool where additional user oriented features were added. Although the method used to produce the VR model described in this paper by no means represents the optimal course of action, we can nevertheless conclude that the investment required to create a VR model is low, while offering extensive potential. Our on-site research demonstrated widespread agreement that the VR model enhanced understanding of the building for all involved. This study relates not only the experiences gained from producing the VR model and the new directions this has opened up, but also certain new issues of interest for future studies.



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