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Paper w78-2004-Paper-5:
Migration risks OF construction informatics research

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Žiga Turk

Migration risks OF construction informatics research

Abstract: The paper presents a study on the barriers to the implementation of construction informatics research results. The study was based on a survey among the participants of the 5th Framework EU projects, particularly among the members of the ICCI Project Cluster. Underlying the study is a generic process model of research, development and technology transfer (RDPM) that claims that research results are fed into the industrial use by means of (1) software development, (2) standardization and (3) education. The RDPM model is used to identify the frictions and barriers obstructing the migration of knowledge and introducing risks of a created technology not being implemented by the industry. A survey has been designed and executed on-line in the fall of 2003 asking specific questions about the current and future research as well as about the obstacles. Three groups of persons were invited to take the survey: (1) partners in the ICCI member projects, (2) partners in other EU projects related to construction as well as (3) other members of the construction IT scientific community.

Keywords: technology transfer, barriers and frictions, construction informatics, research policy, European Projects, ICCI


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