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Paper w78-2005-a10-3-scheer:
Lean Construction and IT principles, tools and applications in a South American Precast Concrete Industry

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S Scheer, A Santos, JRS Quevedo & J Mikaldo Jr

Lean Construction and IT principles, tools and applications in a South American Precast Concrete Industry

Abstract: During the precast concrete structures production process a challenging task is integration of the supply chain and the various departments within company. It is necessary to handle uncertainties related to the assembling process at construction site. The distance to the construction location, topography, weather conditions and other factors affect the level of these uncertainties. The challenge is to produce with reduced waste, high quality and on a synchronized fashion where every resource gets on exact time and quantity required by the production process. In order to achieve that situation the flow of design and engineering information plays a key role in order to enable a lean flow of materials. The present research investigated this issue on the largest factory of pre-fabricated components in the South of Brazil where the required information and the IT aspects that enable a lean material flow were studied. The emphasis was to look on process transparency and information flow among the design office, the factory and construction site. The paper presents key issues for improving integration of the automation islands in the whole process from design to component manufacturing and construction, like a web collaborative environment as a solution to enhance information flow transparency.



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