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Paper w78-2005-a2-2-david:
Conceptual real-time multiphase flow modeling for complex NAPL remediation systems

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I David & SB Anim-Addo

Conceptual real-time multiphase flow modeling for complex NAPL remediation systems

Abstract: Groundwater data collection is done under statutory supervision and control in catchment. The storage, evaluation and utilization of groundwater and geo-strata information are of importance to the protection of the quality of water for industrial and other uses. The contamination of groundwater sources through immiscible fluids, including NAPLs, is of interest to current research. Equally important is the demand to quickly locate, demarcate and visualize these contaminated areas. This paper provides a structured modelling strategy for digital groundwater data assessment system (DGWDAS) for the 2D/3D visualisation of contaminated areas. This conceptual model forms a basis for a visualization tool for solutions to free-hydrocarbon recovery systems. The tool helps to visualize results of simulations on coupled stratified immiscible fluid flows of NAPL, that satisfy PDEs with coupling conditions on the sharp interface under steady-state flow, based on the assumption of vertical equilibrium. An informative visualization tool based on DGWDAS may also allow evaluation of the discharge, the heads, etc of the recovery system by given heads or discharges in the wells respectively. Additionally, the visualization tool, which is based on the n-Tier Software Architecture, may assist in environmental planning and management in the early stages of assessment of sensitive contaminated areas.



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