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Paper w78-2005-a8-2-ercoskun:
Enabling Relationship Management: Agent Technology for Facility Management Integration

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K Ercoskun & A Dikbas

Enabling Relationship Management: Agent Technology for Facility Management Integration

Abstract: Integration is a common effort in every industry. On the operational level, establishing effective communication and collaboration between business actors is a vital contemporary need for ""Total Quality"". Business patterns in construction industry depend on ""Projects"". Despite the efforts of sharing knowledge in order to establish and discern excellence in construction, every project is naturally a closed system hiding great amount of ""Information"" from the participants of ""other"" projects. A reasonable amount of this hidden information may be ""discovered"" from post-construction phases of a project's lifetime. Providing a strong relationship mechanism between different project actors is possible through facility management integration. This paper presents basic concepts of a ""Customer service call tracking system for facility management"" which by design puts the customer at the center of post-construction processes and enables various actors of construction industry to serve in collaboration within a platform providing effective communication and collaboration. The framework proposed within this research consists of various process models which are designed to resolve Business to Business (B2B), Business to Enterprise (B2E) and Business to Customer (B2C) relationship types. The Meta system in which the common standards and protocols of communication defined is implemented as a web based project model and agent technology is used to provide a loosely coupled integration mechanism. The core of the model is named as CC-Agent (Customer to Construction Agent) and is implemented as a series of web services.""



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