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Paper w78-2005-d6-1-amor:
Automated classification of A/E/C web content

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R Amor & K Xu

Automated classification of A/E/C web content

Abstract: The amount of useful information available on the web for A/E/C professionals increases inexorably. Numerous search engines allow users to identify potentially useful information in this vast resource, though the majority of these systems work purely on the search terms entered by the user. This means that the web pages which are found are often not as relevant to the user's needs as would be expected. What is returned is certainly far from the promise of the semantic web where the properties of the content can be readily ascertained. To help address this issue the authors adapt the Latent Semantic Indexing algorithm to enable web pages and sites to be automatically matched to codes in a classification system. This paper discusses the issues involved in developing such a system for A/E/C as well as measuring the results in comparison to the general search engines currently available to professionals.



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