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Paper w78-2005-p3-1-firmenich:
Versioning structured object sets using text based Version Control Systems

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B Firmenich, C Koch, T Richter & D G Beer

Versioning structured object sets using text based Version Control Systems

Abstract: With the availability of an affordable and ubiquitous network environment the distributed cooperation of projects can be supported by computer software. Currently, the degree of support of a distributed cooperation is very different in the diverse classes of applications. While in the field of text-based applications the synchronous distributed cooperation is already state-of-the-art, the users of document-based applications can currently only cooperate asynchronously in terms of a workflow by exchanging documents. This contribution describes a solution approach for the re-use of existing document-oriented applications in net-distributed processes. The synchronous cooperation is realized by a novel procedure that stores the structured object sets of existing single user applications in version control systems, where the well proven tools of the software configuration process can be used in distributed construction planning processes as well.



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