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Paper w78-2008-4-03:

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Per Christiansson, Kjeld Svidt, Kristian Birch Sørensen


Abstract: We are facing a probable great change in the way we carry through design in future ICT supported environments. The main driving forces are the digitalization of information handling leading to a paramount paradigm shift when information storage and access media are separated, building process and product systems are formalized in digital models, user environments are provided with rich multimedia access to virtual models, virtual collaboration rooms established, and new efficient and effective ICT tools defined and implemented.There are though some barriers putting strains on the development. Among the most important are missing ontologies both on business and Web/Internet service levels as well as their interrelations, poor user involvement in needs and requirements formulations on new ICT tools and continuous user involvement in design and evaluation of new user environments, and lack of interoperability within building process/product models. The general competence level and preparedness for organizational and work change due to global paradigm needs to be increased.The paper presents a system development approach to future development of Integrated Building Design Systems (IBDS) with efforts to specify needs and wishes on future system and resources to support system development. Examples are picked from ongoing global efforts as well as finished and ongoing research at Building Informatics, Aalborg University.

Keywords: Integrated building design, future, ontologies, models, user driven, innovation


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