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Paper w78-2008-5-02:
Generic Process Template Description for the Effect of Risks on Project Schedule

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Raimar J.Scherer, Wael Sharmak

Generic Process Template Description for the Effect of Risks on Project Schedule

Abstract: Many factors impact construction projects and cause changes in the project management plans. These factors can be considered as risks which are impossible to be identified completely in early project stages. Therefore, risk management in construction requires proactive as well as reactive procedures. Risk treatment, among the other risk management subprocesses, has the concrete change action which may modify one or more of the project management plans. In this paper, process modeling techniques are used to describe risk treatment effect on the structure of the project schedule plan. This structural change description is introduced as formalized configurable treatment templates. According to our findings seven generalized templates are efficient to represent the risk part in project reference models concerning process changes which in turn can be tailored and assembled to form up-to-date schedule plans. This kind of risk representation in reference repository will serve as means of knowledge management by providing all risk-related available information as response to a critical event. The Event-driven process Chains (EPC) will be used to model risk treatment templates using normal and configurable EPC elements.

Keywords: Process Modeling, Risk Treatment, Configuration, EPC


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