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Paper w78-2009-1-05:
Software Architecture for Mobile Mixed Reality and 4D BIM Interaction

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M. Hakkarainen, C. Woodward & Kari Rainio

Software Architecture for Mobile Mixed Reality and 4D BIM Interaction

Abstract: This article describes a software architecture for providing mobile user at the construction site with two-way real-time augmented reality access to 4D CAD and BIM information. The system covers all the components from content creation and positioning tools, through wireless data sharing and mobile interaction, up to augmented visualisation and feedback from the site. Special emphasis is placed on managing different model formats, linking them to 4D information, placing the models in geo coordinates, as well as managing data intensive building model information on thin mobile clients. We also discuss various interaction aspects, vision based and sensor based tracking methods, as well as tools for high-end architectural AR visualisation.



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