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Paper w78-2009-1-12:
Leveraging Materials Tracking Technologies to Improve Industrial Project Performance

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D. Grau, C. H. Caldas, C.T. Haas, P.M. Goodrum & J. Gong

Leveraging Materials Tracking Technologies to Improve Industrial Project Performance

Abstract: The perception that the intertwinement between field materials management and advanced sensing technologies can highly benefit field operations has gained widespread acceptance among industry representatives. Indeed, past research efforts have demonstrated the feasibility of technology-based and automated approaches to handle materials. In spite of their success, material components are still manually handled. This lack of innovation is mostly a consequence of the undemonstrated cost effectiveness of these technology-enabled approaches. This study evaluates the impact of an automated tracking approach on project performance. For this purpose, a massive experiment was designed. In this experiment, the site tracking approach was taken as the baseline for comparison with an automated tracking approach, which was supported by localization and identification sensors. For each tracking method, field records associated with four hundred steel components were collected. The experimental results demonstrate that sensing technologies have a clear and positive impact on craft labor and installation processes.



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