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Paper w78-2009-1-14:
Factors Affecting the Learning Process of Professionals in Architectural Design Firms

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G.B. Ozturk-Barlak, D. Arditi, H.M. Gunaydin, S. Kale & I.Yitmen

Factors Affecting the Learning Process of Professionals in Architectural Design Firms

Abstract: Learning is considered to be a sophisticated process and a source of competitive advantage. Learning is essential in project-based environments. The one-of-a-kind structure of the operations of architectural design firms triggers special learning needs and requires a continuous learning activity. Learning is considered to improve an architectural design firmís efficiency by recognizing the role of individuals in enhancing the firmís objectives. However, theoretical research on individual professionalsí learning process in the architectural design is rather uncommon. The process of individual learning is composed of (1) data acquisition (2) assessment of the acquired information and (3) implementation of the knowledge gained in a group setting. Ten factors were identified to assess the effectiveness of the learning processes of professionals. This study is the first study in the field of architecture that presents a conceptual model about the factors that affect the effectiveness of the learning process of professionals.



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