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Paper w78-2009-1-19:
Configuration with architectural objects in industrialised house-building

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F. Wikberg, A. Ekholm & P. Jensen

Configuration with architectural objects in industrialised house-building

Abstract: The construction industry is facing the dilemma of simultaneously reducing costs and increasing quality. An increasing control and standardization of processes and products is strived for, while at the same time regarding customer and society requirements for architectural variation. Industrialised building and development of house building platforms are examples of this development. The research presented here shows a way to analyze the results of the development of a platform for a multi-storey house building system, specifically with regard to the flexibility of the platform. The analysis is based on the use of architectural objects as design interface in different design levels. The method is shown to complement the traditional QFD methodology, and shows the relative dependence of design decision levels.



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