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Paper w78-2009-1-21:
ForBAU – The virtual construction site project

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A. Borrmann, Y. Ji, I.-C. Wu, M. Obergrießer, E. Rank, C. Klaubert & W. Günthner

ForBAU – The virtual construction site project

Abstract: The paper introduces the Bavarian research cluster ForBAU which has been launched in January 2008 with the aim of an improved planning and management of construction sites, especially in infrastructure projects. To realize this goal, the research cluster focuses on developing a virtual representation of the construction site which involves all essential aspects, including models of the buildings under construction, the environmental boundary conditions, the construction procedure, the logistics processes, and the required resources. The resulting virtual construction site forms one the one hand the basis for simulating the construction process, which allows to identify critical aspects of the construction project in advance and to adapt the resources and the scheduling accordingly. On the other hand, the holistic virtual representation of the real construction site is used during the execution phase to capture all available information about the project – enabling site managers, controllers and engineers to get a detailed overview on its progress and identify potential problems in an early stage.



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