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Paper w78-2009-1-32:
Improving highway asset management with RFID technology

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J. M. de la Garza, N. J. Yates & C. A. Arrington

Improving highway asset management with RFID technology

Abstract: Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology mobilizes data through radio wave transmission with RFID tags. Two RFID systems, short-range and long-range, showed potential in assisting highway asset management programs of the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) by providing access to condition data in the field; both systems were previously analyzed for tag retrieval and data storage. In this research, the short-range system is further analyzed to: evaluate affordable tag security methods, assist in highway asset location visualization, evaluate tag performance in weather conditions, and explore optimal tag attachment to highway mile markers. The long-range RFID system is further analyzed to: establish a wireless broadband-based system-data interface, perform a market analysis for an optimal wireless internet card for the interface, evaluate performance in predicted implementation scenarios, explore a combination of both RFID systems, and perform a system cost analysis. Results yield an overall positive impact on highway asset management using RFID technology.



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