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Paper w78-2009-1-51:
A Pattern Based 3D Modeling Tool

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D. Chitchian & S.I. Sariyildiz

A Pattern Based 3D Modeling Tool

Abstract: Historically human beings have tried to decorate their environment with various elements such as symbols, shapes, textures and so on. Therefore, in various cultures and periods beautiful patterns and textures have been created by humans. Geometry helps us not only to understand also to recreate existing patterns in nature. Our aim was developing a 3D modeling tool for patterns deployment in design. Not to reinvent the wheel, we based our development on Maya one of the best existing graphical modeling software. Developed tool eases and facilitates deployment of patterns in design. Our tool’s features and functions help users to create patterns, to transform patterns into design objects such as building blocks, green areas, water ponds and so on, also to create final design from a few initial patterns using some kind of spatial transformations. We do believe introducing this tool to the community of designers, like architects, urban planners and site constructors, will be appreciated by them as a desirable modeling tool they need.



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