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Paper w78-2009-1-65:
A Concept for IT-Supported Carbon Neutral Renovation

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H. Yin, M. Otreba, L. Allan, K. Menzel

A Concept for IT-Supported Carbon Neutral Renovation

Abstract: Building renovation supports excellent opportunities to reduce energy consumption in buildings or reduce their CO2 emissions by making smart energy-saving choices to achieve carbon neutrality of buildings. The challenge is to achieve 'zero energy' and carbon neutral buildings by focusing not only on new designs but also primarily on old structures. However, to achieve effective carbon-neutral building renovation substantial financial investments are required. Therefore, it is important to provide a detailed decision support which informs the selection process which building elements should be considered in the renovation process. In this paper we present a simple energy simulation model used for the analysis of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. The model was used to produce an energy consumption report to assist us in the initial phases of a renovation project to evaluate the impact of design alternatives on energy conservation, investment, running costs, reduced CO2 emissions and further environmental impacts.



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