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Paper w78-2009-1-67:
A Unified Construction Project Management Arena

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D. Ye & T. Froese

A Unified Construction Project Management Arena

Abstract: To address the severe problem of information fragmentation in the construction industry, significant effort has gone into developing information interoperability techniques based on shared project data models. As a result, a wide range of software applications are able to exchange project information, resulting in significant efficiency and coordination improvements. Here, we extend this trend further, exploring the role of an information integrator system that allows users to work directly with the combined set of project information. An information integrator would work in conjunction with traditional applications, allowing users to create user-defined, multi-dimensional data views from the combined project data model, tailored to suit the needs of specific work tasks. In this way, users can maximize the benefit of the combined data model and enhance their ability to deal with the data interdependencies. This paper presents a technical framework for an information integrator for construction project management. It describes the requirements and technical solutions to achieve the necessary integration and flexibility at three layers of system architecture: the data layer, the application logic layer, and the presentation layer. Finally, it describes a prototype information integrator system called the Unified Construction Project Management Arena.



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