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Paper w78-2010-10:
Towards Project Success through Mutual Feedback in Construction

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Sami Karna, Juha-Matti Junnonen

Towards Project Success through Mutual Feedback in Construction

Abstract: The success of construction project is based on performance of multiple networks, where customer and end-user satisfaction is highly influenced through independent work done by the parties and the co-operation between parties. Team member’s satisfaction has found to be one of the key performance indicators (KPI) of project success amongst other subjective measures. This paper examines evaluation of project success through different parties: project consultant, designers and main contractor. This is done by analysing results of the web-based project feedback system (ProPal), which have been recently developed in the Finland. ProPal project feedback system is a technically developed and versatile feedback system for the entire construction business. With the help of a simple Web interface, the various parties in construction project can give and receive feedback in the different stages of the project. Additionally, the reporting tool of the project feedback system enables versatile benchmark comparisons between different projects and companies. Through versatile feedback information the various parties can observe the essential needs for development and target the necessary actions. In the feedback system, the project is evaluated by four factors: project management, co-operation, staff and accomplishing goals. Preliminary analysis of the feedback, given by different project parties, shows that they differ at least some extent. For example designers were critical to main contractor’s project management tasks. In general all parties were satisfied co-operation between parties.

Keywords: Project success, ICT in construction, customer satisfaction, team members’ satisfaction, feedback


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