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Paper w78-2010-114:
BIM-Based Generation of Multi-Model Views

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Peter Katranuschkov, Matthias Weise, Ronny Windisch, Sebastian Fuchs, Raimar J. Scherer

BIM-Based Generation of Multi-Model Views

Abstract: Building information modelling (BIM) introduces a new work paradigm that enables improved interoperability and better coordination of AEC processes. The current IFC standard provides an excellent core reference model for that purpose, together with a growing number of supporting domain extensions. However, generation of task-specific model views from a general-purpose BIM is still a difficult problem. Efforts related to the development of an Information Delivery Manual (IDM) and Model View Definitions (MVD) suggest solutions but reveal also gaps that need to be overcome. This includes: (1) more flexible tool-supported specification of domain model views, (2) mechanisms for generation of (ad-hoc) views on object instance level, and (3) multi-model views, combining BIM data with data from other (non BIM) models, such as costs, equipment, supply chain etc. nD-modelling, extending BIM, only partially gives answers to these issues.In this paper we describe a new approach for the generation of multi-model views that meets the above requirements. It is based on the use of an open IFC toolset developed at the University of Weimar and a formal model subset definition schema (GMSD) initially developed by two of the authors. With GMSD and an associated editing tool it is possible to define arbitrary model views on class level, including a subset of IFC classes, attribute constraints (such as wall thickness > 14cm) as well as partial or full tracing of the object relationships. We extend these definitions on instance level by applying a set of geometric, topological and semantic queries that are resolved at runtime. Moreover, using XML schema based representations we provide for simultaneous import of BIM and non BIM data that can be queried, selected and filtered via harmonised cross-model requests. With the same approach, comparison or merging of BIM model views is also possible.

Keywords: BIM, IFC, model filtering, multi-model views, BuildingSMART


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