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Paper w78-2010-17:
Application of VDC in Leed Projects: Framework and Implementation Strategy

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Wei Wu, Raja R. A. Issa

Application of VDC in Leed Projects: Framework and Implementation Strategy

Abstract: Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) generates multifaceted benefits in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. Stakeholders can achieve optimal balance between building performance and costs with use of integrated, multidisciplinary, virtual building models. The VDC models provide the project team with valid and reliable sources to achieve project goals in a heterogeneous industry environment. This paper investigates the application of VDC in complex and high performance building projects, such as LEED projects. As a new business paradigm, LEED has attracted substantial investment in the North American building market. Owners, architects, engineers, and contractors are all striving to embark on the LEED certification but oftentimes, they find the process confusing and cumbersome. The contributing factors are various but the technological and financial challenges are obvious. LEED certified buildings are expected to have superior building performance to conventional buildings in various aspects, i.e. energy efficiency, water conservation, and indoor environmental quality, etc. It is believed that application of VDC could help achieve compliance with the LEED criteria, and contribute to leveraging the LEED project delivery. The theoretical framework of such application is researched and proposed. Implementation strategies are delineated and recommendations are given to the AEC professionals to encourage adoption of VDC in future projects.

Keywords: VDC, BIM, LEED, integration framework


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