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Paper w78-2010-2:
The Use of ICT for Monitoring the Hygrothermal Behaviour of Building Structures

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Fahim Al-Neshawy, Jukka Piironen, Jari Puttonen, Tomi Laurila, Vesa Vuorinen, Mika Makitalo

The Use of ICT for Monitoring the Hygrothermal Behaviour of Building Structures

Abstract: Temperature and moisture are two of the main factors in physical, chemical and biological deterioration of building materials. Thermal gradients and movement of moisture in materials used in buildings typically cause deterioration of structures. The continuous monitoring of temperature and relative humidity provides valuable information about the long-term performance and deterioration of building structures. Documenting performance through monitoring can greatly enhance the understanding of the long-term degradation of building materials and the deterioration of the constructions due aging.The aim of this study is to develop a computerized monitoring system for building structures and test the reliability of the monitoring sensors. The study is focused on concrete building structures and consists of laboratory work and field measurements. The laboratory work focuses on designing a monitoring network system, developing a monitoring software application, assessing the reliability of the monitoring sensors, and testing of the moisture and thermally induced deterioration of concrete. The field measurements are carried out by monitoring the temperature and relative humidity of three repaired concrete facades as well as selected structures of a new school construction.The deliverable of the study will consist of two applications: (i) collecting of the moisture and thermal monitoring data and (ii) assessing the performance of building structures based on the acquired information. The results of the research will provide feasible methodologies and systems for monitoring and assessing the performance of building constructions, thus improving the quality of the final product. The scientific relevance of this research will be the improved correspondence between laboratory studies and observations of deterioration in practice.

Keywords: thermal, moisture, monitoring, assessment, building materials, sensor technology


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