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Paper w78-2010-27:
Requirements Transformation in Construction Design

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Gustav Jansson, Thomas Olofssonb, Väino Tarandic

Requirements Transformation in Construction Design

Abstract: Transformation of performance requirements to technical solutions and production parameters is central for architects and engineers in the design process. The delivery of a new low-carbon economy in Europe puts pressure on the construction industry to reduce the energy consumption in the building stock.Energy requirements are often regulated in national standards or recommended by branch organisations. New methods and tools has been developed to simulate and analyse the energy consumption in buildings and support the transformation of requirements for technical solutions. Today industrialised housing companies suffers from low efficiency in the design and information flow creating bottlenecks in the production process. Matching the energy requirements is of great interest for the construction industry and especially for companies developing industrialised housing system that often have control over the whole manufacturing process. Therefore are three different national standards for energy requirements tested on a industrialised housing system and evaluated in an ICT –environment that supports the design process for industrialised construction. The result of the research shows that the transformation of energy requirements to technical solutions needs well defined design activities based on deliveries through the process. A well defined design process together with a building system is also the backbone for development of ICT support systems.

Keywords: Requirements transformation, energy standards, BIM support, PLCS, construction design


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