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Paper w78-2010-28:
Requirements of an Inter-Project Digital Inspection System

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Robert Lundkvist, Anders Vennstrom

Requirements of an Inter-Project Digital Inspection System

Abstract: Characteristics of the construction industry are mobility, project orientation and the set-up of new organization in every project. The products are one-of-a-kind and seldom develop beyond the prototype phase. This is often suggested as reasons for the the low development of productivity in the construction industry, and continuous improvement and experience feedback becomes harder to accomplish from project to project. The production results are handed over from contractor to client through different inspections. The inspector creates a "punch list" with all found faults, for the contractor to correct before the construction work can be finally accepted. These often lengthy lists on documented faults are full of information that can be useful for the contractor company’s learning and experience feedback process. A previous study shows that contractors acknowledge this potential use, but they need some sort of IT system to support the inter-project management of the inspection information collected.The aim of this paper is to analyze what type of information is valuable in an inter-project inspection information system (IPSIIS), to enhance learning and feedback in construction contractor companies. Interviews have been carried out with experienced inspectors and construction engineers, and a “best practice” for building inspections in Sweden is described. The requirements of a digital IPSIIS are analyzed, both from a regulatory point of view and from the perspective of making the inspection data useful for knowledge mining. Based on best practice, a strategic approach for the design of the user interface is presented for the successful acceptance in the industry. Some principals for codification are also discussed.

Keywords: experience feedback, information technology, inspection, quality


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