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Paper w78-2010-78:
Changing E-Procurement in the AEC Sector with BIM

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Anotnio Grilo, Ricardo Jardim-Goncalves

Changing E-Procurement in the AEC Sector with BIM

Abstract: The paper will analyze how the new Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are changing the processes within the AEC sector, namely the Building Information Modeling (BIM) approach; Service Oriented Architecture, and the emerging of Cloud Computing. The combination of these approaches enable a full de-materialization of the whole building or life-cycle and the possibility of e-procurement become more efficient and increase market competitiveness. Cloud Computing is an evolution over the traditional hosting and application service providers, though more aligned with the service-oriented environments. The advent of Cloud computing is likely to take the burden of internal and external ICT challenges off of micro-size and small-size firms, and particularly alleviate the interoperability problem and thus sustaining the possibility of having the full transactional cycle fully integrated between the public entity issuing a tender and would-be suppliers within the AEC sector, particularly when combined with the BIM approach. This will support the possibility that electronic procurement does not become a too high burden to micro-sized and SMEs companies and thus maintaining their ability to tackle e-procurement of building and construction works public goods and services.The paper describes how BIM, SOA and Cloud Computing can change traditional e-procurement functions, namely the elaboration of tendering documents, as the technical data can be automatically coupled with transactional information, as in RFP, Order, or Invoice, and published in electronic procurement platforms. The paper will present results of current R&D of the application of this approach in the construction phase of building development projects.

Keywords: Building Information Modeling, Electronic Procurement, Service Oriented Architecture, Cloud Computing


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