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Paper w78-2011-Paper-105:
The Construction Management Phases for Software Interoperability

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U Gökçe, H U Gökçe, R J Scherer

The Construction Management Phases for Software Interoperability

Abstract: Interoperability of the heterogeneous applications used in the domain of construction management can be best achieved by using generalized and standardized representations of the required data, thereby enabling faster and better management and decision-making in the construction process. This can be achieved by merging the organizational context and the information involved. The developed Construction Management Phases namely (1) Design, (2) Bidding Preparation, (3) Planning & Construction, (4) Projects Payments, (5) Evaluation of the Outcome and Feedback in this paper represents software integration with regard to design, resource planning and scheduling in the Construction General Life Cycle Model Phases, and is dedicated to the Construction Company view. This new approach composed of five integrated phases is named as “Construction Management Phases for Software Interoperability” (CMPSI). The phase representations are provided in IDEFĜ modelling method. This representation facilitates the revelation of Construction Management Resources that are used for the implementation of IFC Views. The CMPSI is developed as a framework model that is capable of representing diverse targets of different software involved in the integration process. Therefore, a mechanism, by which the systematic and consistent interfacing of the envisaged systems supported, is obtained. The generalisation within the structure allows flexible application. This is achieved at a variety of strategic levels across a variety of projects using combinations of software in an interoperable structure.

Keywords: Construction Management Phases, Construction Management Processes, Software Interoperability, Concurrent Engineering, Industry Foundation Classes (IFC)


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