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Paper w78-2011-Paper-111:
Design and assessment of prospective mobile services for construction

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A Guerriero, S Kubicki, L Schwartz

Design and assessment of prospective mobile services for construction

Abstract: Mobile applications become more and more used in both private and professional activities.Innovation through mobile services specification and prototyping becomes a major trend inconstruction sector research. The project presented in this paper aims both at demonstrating theinterest of mobile technologies for assisting building construction coordination and to elicitate themost interesting and common requirements of construction practitioners for this type of application.Then the paper focuses on the method used for specifying basic requirements and the experimentalprotocol setup for assessing the developed prototype. The main outputs are a set of specifications and aprototype of mobile application as well as a method for defining experimental protocols in a context ofservice-based innovation. The prospects envisage considering context-aware mechanisms for therecommendation of mobile services to construction practitioners.

Keywords: Construction management, Mobile computing, Mobile service prototyping, Experiment protocol.


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