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Paper w78-2011-Paper-119:
ICt for Energy Efficienct buildings: proposed approach for a stakeholders-based strategic roadmap

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C Mastrodonato, A Cavallaro, M Hannus, J Nummelin, N Jung

ICt for Energy Efficienct buildings: proposed approach for a stakeholders-based strategic roadmap

Abstract: ICT4E2B Forum project aims to bring together all relevant stakeholders involved in ICT systems and solutions for Energy Efficiency in Buildings. Moreover the project has the objective of identifying and reviewing the needs in terms of research and systems integration as well as at accelerating implementation and take-up. ICT4E2B Forum bases its roadmapping activities on the outputs of REEB project that has already developed a high-level roadmap on ICT for Energy Efficient Buildings. Starting from this expert-based work, ICT4E2B Forum intends to promote, through community building activities, a better understanding, a closer dialogue and a more active cooperation between researchers, end-users/practitioners, building owners, technology-suppliers, and software. The exploitation of ICT is consider the adding value in order to support informed decision-making (both human and automated) in the current delivery and in the use of sustainable and energy-efficient buildings and districts. By accomplishing these objectives, ICT4E2B Forum is mapping the sector-specific priorities into a common view and vocabulary, thereby enabling communication and understanding between experts in different sectors that need to join forces in order that fundamental improvements in energy efficient buildings can be achieved. All this coordination work will support in defining future research directions as well as in channelling efforts, while favouring consensus buildings on the roadmap itself.

Keywords: Energy-efficient buildings, ICT4E2B Forum project, REEB project, Strategic Roadmap, Stakeholder-based.


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