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BIM in Different Methods of Project Delivery

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R Sebastian

BIM in Different Methods of Project Delivery

Abstract: This paper particularly addresses the topics of “legal and regulatory aspects of Building Information Modelling (BIM)” by reporting actual discussions in The Netherlands on the appropriateness of four project delivery methods to be applied for BIM based projects, i.e. traditional Design-Bid-Build, Dutch Building Team, Design-and-Build, and Integrated Project Delivery (IPD). BIM has become very important in a complex project that requires multidisciplinary collaboration. However, in many projects, BIM is still viewed as an ICT tool only, and hitherto BIM is to be decided when the project reaches an operational level. Such a viewpoint can undermine the effectiveness of BIM to support an effective collaboration. Therefore, considering the most appropriate project delivery method to assure an open and integrated collaboration is crucial since the project initiation stage.The main part of this paper covers a desk research to review several project delivery methods. The analysis focuses on how the use of BIM in a project affects the division of tasks and the formal agreements on the roles and working processes between the parties involved. Following the theoretical analysis, this paper makes a reflection on the recent BIM based projects in The Netherlands refer to the best practices presented during the national BIM competition in 2010. Recommendations are then given to improve the existing practice, among which the standardisation of general contract conditions for a BIM based project is strongly advised to avoid ‘reinventing the wheel’ in each new project.

Keywords: BIM, project delivery method, collaboration, best practice, The Netherlands.


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