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Paper w78-2011-Paper-148:
Ontology based Knowledge Retrieving in a Web Collaboration Environment for Construction Industry

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C Changxin Wang,

Ontology based Knowledge Retrieving in a Web Collaboration Environment for Construction Industry

Abstract: As the amount of information and knowledge that we deal with in construction projects are huge, computerized collaboration and management systems have been seen as effective tools for construction project participants. While a vast amount of information and knowledge can be stored in these systems, how to retrieve knowledge when needed is a challenge. Traditional keyword search usually results in high returns but low precision, as context and terminology difference are not considered. This research implements construction domain ontology into a web collaboration environment. Domain ontology provides a common understanding of a domain (a particular area) in which people and the application system communicates with each other. The ontology is composed of a network of concepts, which are clearly defined and interlinked based on their context. Knowledge items published in the web are annotated according to the ontology, and enable the semantic inference to locate a particular knowledge items during the retrieval process. In this paper, some knowledge items (knowledge stories) are published as blog entries in the web collaboration systems, and a comparison between traditional keyword search and ontology based retrieval is reported. The ontology based knowledge retrieving gives much more accurate returns, and therefore can facilitate the web-based knowledge sharing practice more efficiently in the construction industry.

Keywords: Ontology, Knowledge management, Knowledge retrieving, Construction industry, Web-based collaboration.


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