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Paper w78-2011-Paper-39:
Stochastic optimization based approach for efficient building design

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F Talbourdet, F Andrieux, B Vinot, Pierre Michel, M El Mankibi, J R Millet

Stochastic optimization based approach for efficient building design

Abstract: Facing the building related energetic and environmental issues, and heeding the thermal regulations standards, building designers have to think in a different way there design approach in order to make buildings more efficient. Therefore, designers need a method to get information on the potential of a building program and on the optimal solution to improve visual and thermal comfort, and to reduce energy requirements and construction cost. This paper describes a genetic algorithm based approach applied to building energy simulation tools in order to optimize building design, from the geometry to the energetic properties, while minimizing energy, discomforts and costs. According to designer goals, two approaches were studied: The first way is to let designers choose the approach of optimization for the building geometry, from optimization of external and internal geometry to providing complete geometry. The second way is to let designers adapt the scope of the optimization.In order to take various potential occupancies into account, several models of occupation has been integrated to the building numerical model. Models could be provided by designers according to their feedback.To finish, this approach is tested on a basic case to assess its performances and to find the points where it needs to be improved.

Keywords: Efficient Building design, Multicriteria optimization, Genetic Algorithms, Bioclimatic architecture


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