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Paper w78_2007_24:
SimuSurvey: a computer-based simulator for survey training

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Cho-Chien Lu, Shih-Chung Kang, Shang-Hsien Hsieh

SimuSurvey: a computer-based simulator for survey training

Abstract: This paper presents the development of a computer-based simulator for survey training, referred to as SimuSurvey. Because modern survey instruments are usually expensive, difficult to maintain, and sensitive to weather conditions, surveying course instructors often find it difficult to supply sufficient high-quality instruments for the class. Also, the instructors often suffer the need to repeat similar instructions about instrument operations to individual stu-dents; and, lack a good means of recording each studentís learning progress. SimuSurvey was designed to address these issues - for use in survey training in a computer-generated virtual environment at a low cost. The functions cur-rently provided by SimuSurvey include: (1) the visualization of a survey instrument and measurement poles involved in an assigned survey task; (2) the simulation of the control interface of a real surveying instrument; (3) the recording of each studentís performed operations; and (4) design of learning activities for students to practice surveying tasks in a simulated environment. The focus of this paper is on the design and implementation of SimuSurvey. An example is pro-vided to demonstrate the applicability and effectiveness of SimuSurvey to survey training.

Keywords: simulator, survey training, engineering education, virtual reality, augmented reality


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