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Paper w78_2007_32:
Model and sensor data management for geotechnical engineering application

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Gerald Faschingbauer, Raimar J. Scherer

Model and sensor data management for geotechnical engineering application

Abstract: Monitoring is an actual problem in almost all disciplines of civil engineering. Especially in geotechnical engineering monitoring is very frequently applied, mainly during the construction phase. The recorded sensor data must be evaluated against the designed values. Also the models used for the forecasting of the behaviour of the investi-gated engineering structure have to be updated in consideration of the actual situation, i.e. the recorded sensor data. As in geotechnical engineering the actual situation itself and also the information about the soil properties will change several times during the construction phase, a high number of data, models and model versions will be investigated. All these data, models and model versions have to be managed. Therefore we propose an object-oriented framework to holistically model the building system, the engineering system, the sensor system, the workflow and the monitoring data in order to have a proper documentation of data, information and knowledge and to retrieve, combine and alternate any aspect of the overall system in a fast and controlled way. The different monitoring processes to be supported are identified and requirements for the development of an information system for monitoring are specified. A short applica-tion scenario should show the high complexity of the problem and emphasise the need of automation of the information management for monitoring.

Keywords: structural monitoring, model management, data and process modelling


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