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Paper w78_2007_40:
4D construction sequence planning – new process and data model

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Jan Tulke, Jochen Hanff

4D construction sequence planning – new process and data model

Abstract: Model based working is only just getting introduced in the construction sector to support design and pro-ject management. In particular, construction sequence planning as one of the key processes in a construction project can benefit from model based working. Since the time schedule defines sequences of activities and allocates resources such as material and labour, it plays an important role in optimizing and managing a construction project. In this respect, model based working can offer more to construction sequence planning than just a visualisation of the construction sequences, in which the term ‘4D simulation’ is today commonly understood. Still, available 4D simulation software packages do not engage in the scheduling work but require major additional effort after the time schedule has been finished. The links between the objects of the 3D CAD model and the activities of the time schedule have to be established manually, i.e. the user has to select certain objects and assign them to a related activity in the time schedule. Furthermore, a 4D simulation merely adds limited value due to a restriction to visualisa-tion of construction sequences only. This additional effort for creating the 4D simulation and limited benefit of having a visualisation of construction se-quences only, seem to be the main drawbacks as a result of which 4D simulation still has not crossed the threshold to daily practice. To significantly improve the efficiency of creating a 4D simulation this article presents a solution for creating time schedules and 4D simulations based on data stored in a building model.

Keywords: 4D simulation, scheduling, construction planning, model based planning, building information model


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