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Paper w78_2007_44:
Mobile augmented reality, an advanced tool for the construction sector

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José Luis Izkara, Juan Pérez, Xabier Basogain, Diego Borro

Mobile augmented reality, an advanced tool for the construction sector

Abstract: Augmented reality is nowadays a novel technology that is acquiring great relevancy as a research area. This technology complements the perception and interaction with the real world and allows placing the user in a real environment augmented with additional information generated by computer. Throughout last years it is increasing the interest and the results reached in the technologies of augmented reality on desktop environments. However there are numerous environments of application of these technologies that require mobility of the user, need of access to the in-formation at any time and any place, in these cases there becomes necessary the utilization of mobile devices. Construc-tion Sector is a clear example. The development of mobile computing solutions is crucial in construction sites. The per-manent change of the site (workers, activities, work place, etc.) implies that users need to get permanently updated in-formation. Mobile computing solutions make this information available without reducing or disturbing the mobility and agility of the users. In this paper we present the mobile augmented reality as an advanced and innovative tool for the construction sector. This technology has a high potential to achieve more sustainability, profitability and higher quality level in this sector. It is structured in two main sections. An initial one that analyses the current status of the augmented reality technologies using mobile devices and describes the benefits provided by these technologies, the most recent challenges achieved, the novel applications and the problems not yet solved. And a second one that analyses the poten-tial applications of the mobile augmented reality in the construction sector and describes a scenario in which the use of mobile computing solutions makes possible to increase efficiency and safety in construction sites.

Keywords: augmented reality, construction, building, mobile computing


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