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Paper w78_2007_46:
IFC based computer-integrated construction project management model

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K. U. G÷kce, R. J. Scherer, H. A. Dikba?

IFC based computer-integrated construction project management model

Abstract: In this paper, we present a conceptual framework enabling to manage broad set of activities supported by multi-module software application for construction project management. In order to maintain an integrated generic structure to enable interoperable use of standardized data in a general CPM model, we proposed an IT environment which is based on a formal process methodology, standardized product and process model (IFC), and overall architec-ture integrating technical (design) work, construction process planning and project management in an open and modu-lar manner. In this context, we developed Construction Management Phases for Software Interoperability, Organiza-tional and IT Management Processes with using of ARIS methodology in order to implement IFC views. Based on this, we outline a web-based environment enabling to plug in all component tools via a common client, providing a coherent GUI.

Keywords: integrated project management, product and process modeling, web services, IFC, ISO


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