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Paper w78_2007_6:
A strategic and comprehensive vision for future R&D in construction ICT

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Alain Zarli, Abdul Samad (Sami) Kazi, Matti Hannus, Marc Bourdeau, Anders Ekholm, Ronny Andersson

A strategic and comprehensive vision for future R&D in construction ICT

Abstract: The tremendous development in the past ten last years of the Internet and ICT at large (whether it be in general technologies like semantic modeling, knowledge mining, RFID or mobile technologies, or domain-oriented ones like e-commerce, collaborative spaces, digital mock-ups, etc.) has opened a large spectrum of potential applica-tions of ICT in the Construction sector. The real adaptation and deployment of ICT in Construction has indeed just started, and there is a high need to organize and plan future R&D actions for Construction ICT, while at the same time to better evaluate the benefits and thereby convince Construction actors. This is the role of the Strat-CON and BICT projects, respectively, which are introduced in this article in terms of their aims and major results.

Keywords: strategic research agenda, construction processes & industrialisation, ICT


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