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Paper w78_2007_99:
Reduction, simplification, translation and interpretation in the exchange of model data

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Vladimir Bazjanac, Arto Kiviniemi

Reduction, simplification, translation and interpretation in the exchange of model data

Abstract: A major purpose of Building Information Models (BIM) is to serve as a comprehensive repository of data that are retrievable by multiple software applications which participate in the same AECO industry project. Data placed in a BIM by one software application are retrieved and used by other applications. Retrieved data are at times not useable by the recipient application in exactly the same form as received; in such cases the received data are ma-nipulated and/or transformed before they can be used. This paper provides an overview of issues that arise when data transformation is necessary for “downstream” applica-tions that use data authored by model based CAD and/or other interoperable software. These include manual and semi-manual data transformation, as well as rules for data set reduction and simplification, and rules for data translation and interpretation. The rules can be imbedded in data model views and middleware to become part of a seamless proc-ess of data exchange and sharing.

Keywords: buildings, data modeling, BIM, data transformation, data reduction, data, simplification, data transla-tion, data interpretation, rules of transformation


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