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Paper convr-2013-1:
Automated sustainability compliance checking process: proof of concept

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Kasim T ,Li H,Rezgui Y,Beach T

Automated sustainability compliance checking process: proof of concept

Abstract: Building Information Modelling solutions are evolving to achieve effective integration in the construction industry. The emerging approaches of knowledge sharing and data processing push the researchers to re-engineer innovative automated processes for integrated 3D design that complies with regulations and statutory requirements. This paper presents a generic approach for automating BIM compliance checking with standards and best practice with a focus on sustainability related standards. A methodology will be presented to provide a reusable solution for compliance checking within a similar context. The proposed approach is generic in nature thus allowing implementation in different fields of engineering including electrical engineering, energy, water and electronic engineering. It is anticipated that the findings of this research will promote a fundamentally innovative BIM-based compliance checking for a variety of industry standards. In this approach, the RASE methodology is utilised to extract requirements from sustainability based regulations, with the goal of converting them into compiled coded rules for execution by a rule engine

Keywords: BIM,Integrated design,IFC Extension,dynamic sustainability assessment,RASE,Rule engine


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