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Paper convr-2013-17:
Improving sophistication and representation of skilled labor schedules on plant shutdown and maintenance projects

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Siu M-F,Lu M,AbouRizk S

Improving sophistication and representation of skilled labor schedules on plant shutdown and maintenance projects

Abstract: Plant shutdown and maintenance, commonly termed as the turnaround project in the industry, aims to ensure safe and reliable production of an existing oil refinery and to expand capacities of existing plant facilities. Subject to constraints such as fixed project period, limited total budget, earliest activity start times, confined working areas and emerging events and found work during project execution, it is challenging to make, track and update detailed hour-by-hour turnaround schedules so as to effectively allocate specialist trades and skilled laborers. The ultimate goal is to complete the turnaround in a fixed time window and bring plant production back on line. Different from common construction project schedules, activity definitions, logical relationships and resources availabilities constantly change. The existing project scheduling methodology and tools are not sufficient or capable to cope with turnaround scheduling. This paper is intended to reveal the complexities of a typical turnaround project. A new methodology framework is proposed to plan resource-constrained, location-based turnaround activities. An in-house developed simulation-based scheduling tool is further employed to generate detailed resource allocation plans, factoring in resource availability limits and shift calendar constraints. The resource configurations can be further optimized, resulting in the shortest total project duration. In conclusion, this research has led to significant improvements on sophistication and representation of skilled labor schedules critical to effective planning and control of turnaround projects.

Keywords: Shutdown,Maintenance,Turnaround,Scheduling,Optimization,Resource Allocation,Resource Calendars,Resource Shifts,Resource Breaks,Visualization


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