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Paper convr-2013-20:
BIM for facility management: a review and a case study investigating the value and challenges

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Kelly G,Serginson M,Lockley S,Dawood N,Kassem M

BIM for facility management: a review and a case study investigating the value and challenges

Abstract: For many years the issue of how to run buildings efficiently and effectively has posed a considerable challenge. This debate has had renewed significance since the emergence of Building Information Modelling (BIM) processes and the proposition that BIM information, captured during the facilities lifecycle, can help improve the efficiency of Facility Management (FM). Using this proposition as a starting point, the overarching aim of this paper is to investigate the value-adding potential of BIM and the challenges hindering its exploitation in FM. The literature review showed the BIM value adding potential stems from improvement to current manual processes of information handover. It also adds improvement to the accuracy of FM data and increases the efficiency of work orders execution, in terms of speed, to accessing data and locating interventions. It was also revealed that there is lack of real world case studies, especially in the case of existing buildings, despite new constructions representing a small percentage of the total building stock in a typical year. The case study was conducted on an existing asset composed of 32 non-residential buildings in Northumbria University’s city campus. This was done to empirically investigate the value of BIM in a specific FM function (i.e. space management). The results provided evidence of the value of BIM in improving the efficiencies of FM work orders and the accuracy of geometric information records.

Keywords: Building information modelling,facility management,computer-aided facility management


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