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Paper convr-2013-21:
Practical applications of 3d/4d modeling, and process simulation in construction

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Zhang Y,Al-Bataineh M,Kostelyk J,AbouRizk S

Practical applications of 3d/4d modeling, and process simulation in construction

Abstract: This paper covers the application of innovative decision support technologies on two major projects in Edmonton. The first one is the West Edmonton Sanitary Sewer (WESS) stage W12. A syphon was constructed to connect the Rat Creek Trunk to the Gold Bar Wastewater Treatment Plant across the North Saskatchewan River, which was designed to control and reduce the combined sewer overflow. The other one is the 3.3-km North LRT (Light Rail Transit) extension line, which connects the current Churchill station to the future NAIT station in Edmonton. A tunnel excavated using the Sequential Excavation Tunneling Method from Churchill station to MacEwan station in the downtown area plays a critical role in the overall project, and has significant impact on project completion date and project budget. Due to the complexity of the two projects, various 3D technologies and construction simulation models were applied to facilitate decision-making processes and project controls. 3D models were developed for design review and design conflict detection, while 4D models were established to help create a robust construction schedule. Construction sequencing animation was used to convey design intents and demonstrate construction stages to contractors and workers. Construction simulation models were developed in order to analyze different scenarios and assist in selecting the best option. The combined applications of 3D technologies and construction simulation helped the project team to identify critical issues, and assured effective communication among engineers, management, contractors, and other parties. Therefore, it provided better opportunities for the success of the projects.

Keywords: Construction management,drainage construction,design review,3D modeling,construction simulation,animation


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