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Paper convr-2013-39:
An interactive data visualization system for flood warnings in Taiwan

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Sung E-X,Tsai M-H,Kang S-C

An interactive data visualization system for flood warnings in Taiwan

Abstract: This paper reports on the development of an Interactive Data Visualization System (IDVS) for flood warnings. Information from multiple sources, such as precipitation, geographical conditions, and the alert threshold, is collected in the system. Users of the system are able to manipulate the information to enhance their understanding of the flood potential. This can help them make timely and correct decisions. We develop four interactive functions: (1) Datatip, (2) Dashboard, (3) Data brushing, and (4) Dynamic queries. A Datatip displays all related data of a particular point or an area when the mouse hovers over. A Dashboard comprises multiple views, allowing users to manipulate and compare the information. The Data brushing function highlights the selected dataset in other views when users choose specific information in which they would like to gain deeper insight. The Dynamic query function provides a scroll bar for users to explore information by dragging the slider. By integrating the four functions, the system provides users with dynamic exploration and intuitive operation. We use data collected from a flood occurring in Taiwan on 10th June 2012 to validate our system. The results show that the IDVS can effectively help integrate decision-making information in real time. The interaction between related information provides users with insightful and versatile views, which can enhance decision-making.

Keywords: data visualization,interactive interface,flood informatics,disaster mitigation


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