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Paper ecce-2001-19:
An open system for inter-enterprise information management indynamic virtual enterprises

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Bourdeau M, Kazi, A S, Rezgui Y, Vakola M

An open system for inter-enterprise information management indynamic virtual enterprises

Abstract: OSMOS, Open System for inter-enterprise information Management in dynamic virtualenvirOnmentS, is a European RTD project aimed at the development of an Internet basedenvironment that supports share of information and task collaboration between non co-locatedteams in the context of extended enterprises, and especially in project based industries such asconstruction. The OSMOS infrastructure is to provide services for communication, co-operation,co-ordination and data exchange, that will be possibly integrated with legacy or commercialsoftware tools used within companies. OSMOS suggests a migration path from current documentbased information management towards semantic integration of documents, product models andproject co-ordination information. Two OSMOS-based Internet services will be set up as pilots.Deployment of OSMOS compliant services in Europe will be promoted via user interest groups inseveral countries. The focus of this paper is on the presentation of the aims, objectives, approach,and benefits to the construction industry at large as envisioned through OSMOS.

Keywords: Virtual enterprise, groupware environment, construction, information exchange


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