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Paper ecce-2001-22:
Measuring the benefits of CE-environment in multi-partner projects

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Lakka A, Sulankivi K, Luedke M

Measuring the benefits of CE-environment in multi-partner projects

Abstract: This paper deals with the measuring the impact of the usage of concurrent engineering environmentin the multi-partner project. The paper is grounded in the research project ProCE: ProjectManagement and Organization in the CE-environment. The project is attempting to determine thebenefits derived from using the concurrent engineering environment in construction design andproject management routines. In this context, the concurrent engineering environment is defined asa conceptual arena created by any or all technologies enabling collaborative efforts in the buildingprocess.This paper presents the main findings of the state of the art study, where the existing approaches toevaluate information technology IT within multi-partner projects where reviewed from theviewpoint of project management and organization in the construction industry. It also presents theframework for measuring the benefits of using the CE-environment.

Keywords: e-collaboration, groupware, measuring, benefit, Internet, construction, concurrentengineering


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