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Paper ecce-2001-35:
A communication-based paradigm for construction asset management

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Salim M, Timmerman M A

A communication-based paradigm for construction asset management

Abstract: This paper describes a paradigm for the use of bidirectional real-time communication in ArtificialIntelligence (AI) based construction asset management. A Logistics Management Center or LMChouses a nexus of artificial intelligence tools, knowledge bases, and communication facilities thatserve to make up a Information Logistic Expert System or ILES. The LMC is in constant two-waycommunication with the field sites of the construction project, staging areas, equipment suppliers,manpower sources, traffic and meteorological monitoring station, and transportation infrastructureproviders. The ILES has a predicate-calculus knowledge base that implements both predicative andcorrective measures to keep the construction project on schedule by anticipating problems withresource logistics and optimizing the response to such problems. The basis of this system is theimplementation of existing AI tools in a wireless-web environment.

Keywords: Asset Management, Wireless Web Technology, Construction Planning,Construction Logistics.


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